Work With Feelings is a passionate change consultancy creating empowered workplaces fueled by self-aware, authentic leaders.

Mathias Gran, Founder

I have worked with executives, managers, and teams from $1b startups to global financial firms to help connect those with influence to those seeking greatness.”

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Mathias Gran, Founder


MBA Adjunct Professor for Leadership Development

Director-level Technology Leader

Experienced Change Manager

Skilled Facilitator and Observer

Mentor for Entrepreneurs

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“Mathias just gets it. During a massive organizational change initiative, Mathias naturally pushed conversations forward. He identified the core idea in challenging conversations and built agreement in the room by honoring each person’s contributions and perspectives.”

Brenda Darden Wilkerson, CEO,

“Mathias skillfully facilitated workshops with senior managers and global leaders that surfaced thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that were preventing us from collectively meeting our stated goals. He was often navigating intense dynamics, yet found a way to help us see collective opportunities by making room for each of our experiences to be validated and understood.

Carrie Olmstead, Director of Modernization Delivery

“Mathias showed me how to lead. He made me believe in myself in a transformative, non-fleeting way. His empowering approach and the wake of his partnership brought deep, long-standing change to me, my teams, and everyone around him. We had no idea that our leadership could look or feel the way it does now and we are fully committed to carrying it forward for the good of our teams.”

Kevin Bowers, VP of Engineering



Introduce a topic for a learning lunch, private webinar, or micro-workshop to facilitate an exploration with a small group.

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Support development through self-reflection, perspective-sharing, and collaborative inquiry.

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Facilitate conversations with teams or groups of leaders to identify a path forward.

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Work with teams and individuals “in the weeds” day-to-day to help create alignment and bring positive change to your organization.

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