Start an important conversation in your organization by introducing an idea or topic with an outside voice from Work With Feelings.

Looking for a topic for a monthly community of practice meeting? Maybe you want to “try on” a perspective from Work With Feelings. Or maybe you are fostering a continuous improvement leadership culture and want to supplement existing development narratives.

With a bit of notice, we can cater the material and topic to meet the needs and goals of your teams. Or you can choose from popular topics that have benefitted other organizations.

Suggested topics include:

  • Psychological Safety: THE Prerequisite
  • New Demands of Work Relationships
  • Gaps: What Isn’t Being Said, Yet Holds Everyone Back
  • What Adult Development Actually Looks Like
  • You Already Have the Answer: Leading From Values
  • Geek With Me: Curated Voices on What Matters
  • Change is Where the Heart Is