Engage on schedule to accelerate development with challenge and support from Work With Feelings.

We love earning the chance to work “on the ground” or “in the weeds” with teams and leaders. Our experience and expertise can immediately identify and productively shift the team interactions that are holding people back. However, some organizations, advocates, and decision-makers prefer a trial run to see how we align with influencers in the situation.

Client-guided check-ins, coaching, and support are useful to help understand and define the personal or developmental goals of the leader and organization. We enjoy building relationships with leaders through this confidential and trust-building experience. There is nothing quite like seeing leaders take a risk, grow, then reflect that growth back to us.

So, this could be a good place to start. But, it’s definitely not the end goal.

The impact to the organization is limited by the fact that all of the information we receive from 1:1 sessions is filtered through the experience and self-reflection of the leader. We shape teams, departments, and organizations through much richer engagements from more stakeholders, workplace observations, and group facilitations.

That said, if this is where you are most comfortable starting the conversation, we would love to meet you there!