Our magic shows up when we’re with you day-to-day.

Our core team built a track record of successful transformation leading change through adoption of Agile practices for technology and operations teams. In doing so, we became skilled in engaging executives with change management principles, data journalism, and engagement practices that brought people together to understand and achieve a shared goal.

Although agility is not the core offering of Work With Feelings, the conditions of empowerment, transparency, engagement, clarity, trust, and continuous improvement follow our work. When we see successful adoption of new ideas or execution of ambitious, rewarding goals, these conditions are abundant. When we see teams, groups, or departments that are struggling, these conditions are scarce.

You can only expect your people to impress you when your environment supports the needs, feelings, beliefs, and emotions of each individual.

This can be a long road. Many teams are guarded and closed off when we meet them. However, opportunity after opportunity has confirmed that when we skillfully observe behaviors in real-time, capture the feelings of the situation, confirm the situation with reflection, challenge perspectives limiting growth, and support individuals owning their desired outcome, we can change working and personal lives.

Contact us today to share a bit of your organizational struggle. We love it when we see people believe in a motivating future, and love it even more when they start to experience it.