Mathias Gran on “Quantum Leap Your Business and Life” Podcast

May 22, 2023

Mathias Gran

I was excited to be a guest on the “Quantum Leap Your Business & Life” Podcast with my friend, Bethany Londyn. She is a generous host and advocate for finding the greatness in people using different modalities than I am used to.

Bethany helps connect leaders to intuition as a guiding force. In our casual and professional interactions, she named for me how I lead with bold heart energy. This simple piece of feedback was a self-reflection catalyst that ultimately led to the Work With Feelings brand identity – heart-forward with a balanced masculine drive.

I think this conversation is a great reflection of the work I do, my perspective as a change leader and executive coach, and shares some of things I struggle with in my own growth process.

I love my time with Bethany and hope to have many more reasons to record conversations with her. Enjoy!